Australian Firearms Reloading Supplies

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Australian Firearms Reloading Supplies

Our firearm reloading supplies encompass a diverse range of essential tools and components that enable enthusiasts, hunters, and competitive shooters to craft their own ammunition. Reloading ammunition offers a level of customization, precision, and cost-efficiency that commercial ammunition may not always provide. These supplies are crucial for individuals seeking to enhance their shooting experience by tailoring their ammunition to meet specific performance requirements.

The core reloading supplies include:

  1. Brass Casings: Empty cartridge cases serve as the foundation for reloading. These durable containers hold the primer, propellant, and bullet. Brass casings are available in various calibers and can be reused multiple times after careful inspection and resizing.
  2. Primers: These small metal components are crucial to initiating the firing process. They contain a small amount of sensitive material that ignites when struck, creating a spark that ignites the propellant.
  3. Powder: Propellant or gunpowder is a carefully measured charge that generates the energy required to propel the bullet out of the firearm’s barrel. There are various types of powders available, each catering to different calibers and performance preferences.
  4. Bullets: The projectile that exits the barrel and strikes the target. Bullets come in a wide range of weights, shapes, and materials, each influencing factors like accuracy, penetration, and recoil.
  5. Dies: Reloading dies are precision tools used to resize, reshape, and seat bullets and primers in the brass casings. They come in sets, usually comprising resizing, expanding, and bullet-seating dies.
  6. Presses: Presses are mechanical devices used to apply force to the various reloading dies, facilitating the resizing, priming, powder charging, and bullet seating processes. There are single-stage and progressive presses catering to different levels of reloading volume.
  7. Scales and Measures: Precision is paramount in reloading, and accurate measurement of powder charges is crucial. Scales and powder measures ensure that the proper amount of powder is used in each cartridge.
  8. Case Cleaning Equipment: Clean and polished casings improve accuracy and reliability by reducing friction and preventing debris from interfering with the reloading process.
  9. And many more…

Reloading supplies provide the means for shooters to fine-tune ammunition performance, achieve consistent accuracy, and explore different combinations for optimal results. However, it’s important to emphasize that reloading requires a thorough understanding of the process, safety protocols, and attention to detail, as improper reloading practices can result in dangerous malfunctions or accidents.


Australian Firearms Reloading Supplies
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