What's next after I make an order from your shop?

After completing checkout, please use our exact bank details provided to make the payment for your order. Ensure you use your order number as reference when making your payment. Once the payment is complete, take a screenshot/snapshot of the transaction page and send to us through email for confirmation.

Once your payment has been confirmed, our delivery team will provide discreet packaging, schedule discreet delivery and send your tracking information. Within 2-5 days, your order will be delivered to the address you submitted.

Can you deliver my firearm to Melbourne?

Yes we can! We offer discreet shipping to all areas in Australia.

Should I be worried about my order not getting to me?

Not at all! We’ve been supplying firearms and ammunition throughout Australia for over 15years – hence we have lots of experience getting through the cities. Once you follow the easy steps to order from our shop, you’re all set to go without any worries. Discreet delivery is 100% guaranteed and safe.

Your firearms are quite expensive than what I see out there.

If cheap is what you’re looking for, sorry but we do not have cheap lazy guns – we have “Machines”. All our firearms come as brand new and of extremely good quality. Quality doesn’t come cheap!

Can I order from the Northern Territory?

Yes you can! Discreet delivery to NT can be done within 2-5 days.

I've been rejected the firearm license several times and do not have a permit and I really need a firearm for my safety, Can I still order?

Our customer’s privacy is one of our top priorities. You can safely order without a firearm permit anonymously from our shop. Keep in mind, you MUST be over 18 years old to order from us.

Do the firearms come with ammunition?

Each purchased firearm doesn’t come with free ammunition. You need to order your firearm ammo separately.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept local Australian bank transfers and PayID. For customers who want to keep their purchase completely anonymous (especially those without a firearm permit), you can pay with Bitcoin crypto.